Leeds University Emmissions trial on Agricultural Tractors shows reductions in Emmissions and increase in Efficiency. Read more here.

Very important notice. Correct magnetic conditioning of drinking water is the only way to free copper which has been locked up by molybdenum. After fitting our magnets, please stop using copper boluses, bullets or any other high copper minerals immediately or you will definitely lose animals to copper toxicity.

Fantastic result for Darren Duffield regarding Farrowing Fever (MMA). Read the letter here.

We are seeing some interesting results using Correct Magnets on Ulcers. Read more here.

Poultry trial letter suggests savings of 8,000 per year through use of Magnets. Read the letter here.

Weaner trial showing 6.6% Improvement in FCR.

Recent information tends to suggest that where magnetically conditioned water is used prior to adding spray chemicals, lockup of active ingredients is prevented and the products are more effective. Up to 25% savings in spray chemical can be obtained without any reduction in efficiency of the spray chemical. This is particularly relevant in Roundup type products and SU's. Contact us for more information.