Case History

Mrs Wallace, a sixty year old lady, has suffered from a leg ulcer for 5 years during which time several different dressings had been used. During this time the only one which seemed to help was a special honey based dressing which did stimulate gradual healing but this specific type of honey became unavailable and the new type did not agree with Mrs Wallace. A Correct Magnet Pad was applied to the ulcer on 4th March 2006, it was placed on top of the current dressing and bandaged in place. At commencement of this treatment the ulcer was approximately the size of a 50p piece. Mrs Wallace had not been out of the house for 8 weeks due to the severe pain that she was experiencing. She could not bear to wear stockings, had difficulty in sleeping and was very much under the weather. She felt that the ulcer and pain were affecting her whole body system. The following is a report on the progress of healing.

4th March (AM ) Magnetic pad was applied on top of the ulcer dressing and remained on the wound until 25th April.

5th When the dressing was removed the ulcer had started to discharge a large amount of puss. Within 36 hours the pain had reduced by approximately 80% and Mrs Wallace was able to go out for the evening.

6th The ulcer was still discharging puss and a crusty brown ring had formed around the edge of the ulcer.

7th The dressing was changed to Soda Cream lint dressing with the magnet on top.

8th-12th The puss discharge gradually reduced.

13th There was no puss discharge but instead there was a red tinged watery discharge on the dressing.

17th Only a small reddish stain on the dressing. Mrs Wallace said that she had no pain from the ulcer but there was a stinging sensation which she described being like a stinging nettle which she thought was due to her varicose veins. At this stage the ulcer was the size of the tip of her thumb and it was possible to use a stockinet sleeve instead of a bandage to hold the magnet in place.

25th Now only a lint pad was placed on the ulcer with the magnetic pad on top.

28th March The ulcer had reduced to the size of the tip of her little finger and a scab was beginning to form.

29th-13th Apr Mrs Wallace continued the dressing as above but put a small ring of Savlon around the edge of the scab. During this time she was able to wear a half length support stocking.

14th April The scab came off, leaving a clean wound about the size of the tip of her little finger. Mrs Wallace continued the dressing and was now able to wear full length support stockings which held the dressing and magnetic pad in place without the need for the stockinet She was now able to wear her ordinary shoes and trousers in complete comfort.

25th April There are now only two pin head sized scabs remaining and the magnetic pad application continues. The advice is to continue for a month after full healing has occurred and repeat every 2nd month to help circulation.


Thermography trials have strongly suggested that a magnetic field applied to the body improves blood circulation. Early space travel revealed that the earthís magnetic field is essential for maintaining the human immune system. The Earthís Magnetic Field is essential for all human, animal and plant life to be in existence. In my opinion magnetism optimises the bodyís metabolism including itís own healing mechanism. Although this case history is not a controlled trial I believe, since Mrs Wallace has had this ulcer for 5 years and has suffered severe pain most of the time, that this report is very strong evidence of the value of magnetism in healing leg ulcers. This case history has been written as it was related to me and can be supported by photographic evidence.

M R Poyser MRCVS April 2006.