T G Warriner
Swainsea Barn Farm
YO18 8NE

10th December 2005

Dear Sir,

Further to my letter of last year, after checking the crop records of the birds we culled in September 2005, a further very positive gain has come to light.
Prior to fitting the Correct Magnets to the water supply we were using 27 tons of feed in 21 days. Since fitting the magnets we have been using 27 tons in 24 days. With feed costing 140 per tonne, this is giving us a saving of 22.50 per day, which makes an annual saving of 8,212.

We are now 3 months into the second crop in the shed and we are still seeing the benefits we got after fitting the magnets for the first crop. As I said in my previous letter, a little price to pay for such great results.

Andrew Warriner