An Assessment of the Effect of Magnetically Conditioned Water on the FCR of Weaners from 3 to 11 weeks old

On this commercial pig farm piglets are weaned at 3 weeks old. They are initially housed in groups of 20 at an average weight of 7.0 kg. At 6 weeks old they are moved into larger pens of 30 pigs for a further 4-5 weeks.

For the purposes of this trial, two consecutive groups of weaners were used, Group A and Group B, with 80 and 83 weaners in each group respectively.

Group A was the control group receiving Non Treated Water and was monitored over 55 days.

Group B was the trial group receiving Treated Water and was monitored for 42 days.

The recordings have been adjusted in Group A to represent the average weight and feed intake over a 42 day period, so that both groups are compared, like with like. Similarly the Group B recordings have been adjusted to show average weight and feed intake for 80 weaners over 42 days.


Live Weight Gains per pig corrected to a 42 day period and an 80 weaner group.

No. pigs Av.Weight @ weening Av.Weight @ 55 days Av.Weight @ 42 days Av.Wt gain over 55 days Av.Wt gain over 42 days Av.Wt gain daily Kg
Group A 80 6.77 26.65 19.88 15.18 0.361
Group B 80 6.79 23.17 16.20 0.385

Feed Intake Corrected to a 42 day period and an 80 weaner group.

No. pigs Total feed Kg/pig/day FCR
Group A 80 1838 0.547 0.547 / 0.361 = 1.51 6.6% Improvement in FCR
Group B 80 1831 0.545 0.545 / 0.385 = 1.41

This Commercial Farm Assessment demonstrates that Magnetically Conditioned Drinking Water improves the FCR in weaners from 3 weeks to 11 weeks old by 6.6%. At this 380 sow herd there is a weekly cycle of approximately 150 pigs. With weaner feed priced at 164 per ton delivered, a 0.01 reduction in the FCR over the 8 week period produces a saving of 38p per weaner.

Therefore there is a weekly saving of : 150 x 38p = 57 per week.

The annualised saving of this 8 week weaner period is : 57 x 52 = 2964 p.a.